The Origin and Significance of Zero; 

An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Publisher: Brill, Leiden.
Series: Value Inquiry Book Series, Volume: 395
Volume Editors: Peter Gobets and Robert Lawrence Kuhn
Copyright Year: 2024
E-Book (PDF)
ISBN: 978-90-04-69156-8
Publication date: 25 April, 2024

Zero has been axial in human development, but the origin and discovery of zero has never been satisfactorily addressed by a comprehensive, systematic and above all interdisciplinary research program. In this volume, over 40 international scholars explore zero under four broad themes: history; religion, philosophy & linguistics; arts; and mathematics & the sciences. Some propose that the invention/discovery of zero may have been facilitated by the prior evolution of a sophisticated concept of Nothingness or Emptiness (as it is understood in non-European traditions); and conversely, inhibited by the absence of, or aversion to, such a concept of Nothingness in the West. But not all scholars agree. Join the debate.

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