What is Camp Zero?

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ZerOrigIndia Foundation proposal to organize ‘Camp Zero’ of 10-days at a reputed university in India.


The aim is as follows:

1. select a team of 20 (post-)graduates for this Camp Zero 2016 event to brainstorm about the zero-project and to submit a written proposal for the overall zero-project, which is to be carried out in various related fields of expertise;

2. the written proposal is to be worked out with a view to publish a joint paper on the subject in a professional journal;

3. the paper is also to be used as basis for the subsequent in-depth research under the auspices of the ZerOrigIndia Foundation, and as guideline for the ongoing online crowdsourcing component of the associated website;

4. the group of 20 (post-)graduates thus comprise part of the selection process for the team that will eventually conduct the research, which will take years to complete;

5. ‘bonding’ activities will be promoted to nurture a global community in support of the zero project.


The central research question to be addressed:

The project would serve the twin purpose of finding fresh evidence of zero’s earliest appearance in India, and in the process refocus attention on the unprecedented significance of zero in its own right, as part of the decimal system, and its subsequent impact on scientific progress in the world.  Furthermore, the proposed study aims to present evidence of the concept of emptiness/fullness [shunya/purna] to be a necessary, but not necessarily sufficient, precondition for the emergence of zero as fully-fledged numeral – an event unique in world history.


The Planning for Camp Zero:

October 16 – 25, 2016



This 10-day program will be held in India from October 16 to 25, 2016 at IIT Bombay (Mumbai).

More information about recruitment for Camp Zero, download the document about Recruitment for Camp Zero.

More information can also be found on the dedicated page on Crowdsourcing.



A university or research institute in India having an excellent library and archives of ancient manuscripts on site and/or available through its network.  Collaboration with reputed university outside India.

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